Law School

Family: can’t live with them can’t live without them. No matter what you do, or how you manage to fuck up this new opportunity, your parents always have your back, or at least a basement you can crash in when everything falls apart and Cindy runs off with the contents of your joint bank account.

Luckily Barbara and Walt Murphy are the type of parents that will support you in any endeavor you choose to take on in life, as long as it’s not embarrassing and its law school. “We are supportive of whatever choices you may make in life. We let you quit scouts to play soccer and we supported when you quit that for cross country,” Leonard stated, warmly. “But we would really like to spend one goddamn Christmas without getting the third degree from your aunt Marie about whether or not we’re still paying your rent.”

The Murphys are emphatic that they want you to be happy and follow your dreams, unless it’s playing the tambourine or spoken word. That is not something they want to have to explain to their friends at the Elks Lodge on bingo night.

“There are so many great creative jobs we support” Mrs. Murphy told reporters. “Judge, Senator, even a disgraced Press Secretary sounds pretty good at this point – and we’re democrats!”

Mrs. Murphy also feels the need to remind you that her nephew, your Aunt Shelly’s son Mark, is a Navy Veteran AND Surgeon. Who knew you could be both of those things!?

The Murphys also want to stress that they are FINE with whoever you fall in love with, as long as they don’t have any facial piercings, credit card debt or talk too much.

At press time Mrs. Murphy wants you to live anywhere that makes you happy as long as it’s America and not so far away it becomes an overnight trip.

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